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Real talk from the people who work in the industry every day.

Industry Reality

sweet job. no sugarcoating.

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FINDING Flexibility

Whether you’re looking for a second job to supplement your income or a job that accommodates your family needs or academic schedule, the hospitality industry offers a range of options.

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Making money

At the end of a shift, what’s more satisfying than a job well done? Money. Because no matter how much you love your job, making money is the name of the game.

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Burnout prevention is an ongoing challenge for hospitality workers, particularly for those businesses that are open daily and around the clock.

Ambition Over Fluency

In hospitality, language doesn’t need to be a barrier to success. If you have the ambition and drive to work hard and learn, you can launch a sustainable career.

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Many working in the restaurant industry have questioned their career choice at some point, wondering if they should be doing something else.

School vs. On-the-Job

Many professionals have advanced in their careers without completing a culinary or hospitality program. They find on-the-job experience has been invaluable in their development.

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